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Question: Is this recurring subscription or one time payment?

Answer: This is one time payment, no automatic charges! If you buy one month subscription it will end up after one month. If you want another month, you must buy it again.

Question: How can I pay with Credit Card?

Answer: Please select PayPal as payment method (you do not need to have PayPal account). On PayPal web site, for "Choose a way to pay" you should select "Pay with my debit or credit card" option.

Question: How much should I pay in US Dollar?

Answer: Click here if you want see prices in US Dollar

Question: Will you charge me after 3 days of free trial?

Answer: No automatic charges! We give free access to let you test quality of our service. You should buy subscription only, if you think service is worth the money it costs.

Question: From how many computers I can use my account?

Answer: You are not limited to use your account from as many computers as you have. However, please take in an account that those computers should be yours. Sharing account with friends is strongly prohibited.

Question: I cannot afford paid subscription, can you help me?

Answer: Sure we can help you. Write in blog, forum, social network or tell your friends about our service. Once 10 users register on our web site and start using our service (even for free), you will get one month subscription. In addition, if they buy monthly subscription then you will get paid 4.6 USD for each month or 31.44 USD for one year subscription!